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I am an experienced Amazon Kindle Expert, and a renowned author with a strong background in English and creative writing. My services include:


Specialized Editing

My services cover a variety of genres, including academic, fiction, satire, drama, action and adventure, romance, mystery, horror, poetry, and fantasy.

Copy Editing

I provide feedback and critique in all aspects of the book, including characterization, settings, and dialogues

Proofreading & Linear Editing

I specialize in grammar, syntax, word choice, and sentence construction.

Keywords Research for Kindle

I will help to Choose the Right Kindle Keywords

Our Topline Amazon Kindle Projects

What start as doodles in your notebook can be expanded and combined to create a beautiful new art form – Zentangles! Started as a therapeutic practice
This Botanical Book of Tangles is filled with step by step drawing guides as well as easy-to-learn organic tangles and line drawings of plants.
A "How To" book focused on you gaining absolute control over your destiny, by awakening a sleeping and untapped energy that lies dormant in the brain.
"This book introduces you to the miraculous metaphysical powers within you right now, by giving you the methods you need to put them into positive action.

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Amazon Kindle is an e-book reader device that allows readers to access and download millions of e-books, magazines, newspapers, and other digital content from the Amazon Kindle store.

Yes, Kindles are worth it for avid readers, travelers, and those who prefer digital books over physical books. With a Kindle, you can store thousands of books, read in any lighting condition, and enjoy features like built-in dictionaries and note-taking.

You can make money with Amazon Kindle by publishing and selling your own e-books on the Kindle store. With the self-publishing tools provided by Amazon, you can easily create and upload your book, set your own price, and earn royalties for each sale.

Yes, selling eBooks on Amazon Kindle can still be profitable if you target the right audience, market your book effectively, and provide high-quality content. With the vast reach of the Kindle store and Amazon’s marketing tools, you can potentially earn a significant income from your e-books.

You can promote your Kindle book for free by using social media platforms, reaching out to book bloggers and reviewers, offering your book for free for a limited time, participating in online forums, and utilizing Amazon’s promotional tools like Kindle Countdown Deals and Kindle Unlimited.

You can market your Kindle ebook by creating a professional book cover and description, using keywords and categories to optimize your book’s visibility, getting reviews from early readers, running paid advertising campaigns on Amazon or social media, and utilizing email marketing and author newsletters.

The cost to promote a book on Amazon can vary depending on the type of promotion you choose, the duration of the promotion, and your budget. Amazon offers a range of promotional tools with different pricing structures, such as Kindle Countdown Deals, Kindle Unlimited, and Amazon Advertising.

You can get your book noticed on Amazon by optimizing your book’s title, cover, and description for search and discovery, using relevant categories and keywords, getting positive reviews from early readers, participating in Amazon’s promotional tools and programs, and building a strong online author presence through social media and a website.

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